Book reviewer!

So today was hotter than hell here in old Blighty, 32 degrees on my car thermometer I was informed. Scorchiooooo…. The office was a whole other level of heat, I left after 3 hours. Retired to my garden to ponder life and read this, my most amazing book find EVER I think. ” The year of living Danishly” by Helen Russell… a girl at school loaned it to me, as I’d been telling her about reading about this Hygge phenomenon. I was actually laughing out loud whilst waiting at the gymnastics cafe for my son..It is superbly written. I have a girl crush on Helen already. Having relocated to The Netherlands after breaking up with my boyfriend many years ago, I can totally empathise with the weird world of the unknown country thing. If you like travel and the weird things that happen to people when they travel- which they always do, right? – then you’ll LOVE this book. I’m only a third of the way through at the moment, so watch this space…

In other shocking news, I cannot believe that some moron drove his car into a Mosque to kill Muslims in protest against the terrorist monkeys..I mean really? I thought that the show of unity from all religions in London after the awful Grenfell towers fire, was a real kick in the face to the terrorists and a big F*** You..and then this…what is happening to mankind? The kind seems to have gone from the Man….

So sad.


Namaste eveyrone, be kind. Always.

Day 3 of the zenpenblog

Just back from a week in Northern Cyrpus…Weird, it’s not a recognised country so…felt like I’d gone into space or something. What a place though! Highly recommend it. Waking at 8am in the morning to bright sunshine , sitting in my pjs with a green tea, drinking it on my lounger with nothing but a couple of lizards and a million ants (they get into everything, but mostly the nutella)….then the kids wandered down, jumped into our private pool (the house belongs to my husbands colleague, Carson – never met him, but he let us stay FOC for as long as we wanted..nice guy Carson).

After a couple of days just hanging out and recovering from a busy half term of school, work, committments, we started to explore the area. The Five Finger Mountain range reminded me of California Route 1. It’s absoltuely stunning. Everything about this area, I liked, particularly the people.  I didn’t see a single brand ANYWHERE. No GAP t shirts – only the husbands ! – no Marks and Spencer (It’s not a recognised country so no franchises) but best of all NO MCDONALDS!!!! This separated it from California, which has a McDonalds every 500 metres or so..

Being into History, I borrowed a book- The Genocide Files, which goes indepth into how the island got divided. At Kyrenia there is a castle- amazing castle – with information about what went on there. If you’re an empath like me, you’ll feel the vibes the minute you go inside it. It’s intense. Go there. Beautiful. The Harbour is FILLED to brimming with sales men trying to get you to buy their boat trips..hilarious.

Refreshed from the week away and focusing on ‘Daring Greatly’, a self help guide by Brene Brown, about how vulnerability is the key to a happy life. I’ll have to leave my hulk costume and my overcritical shouting in my desk and throw away the key to unleash my vulnerability but..hey ho, you gotta try.


Namaste everyone.