Book reviewer!

So today was hotter than hell here in old Blighty, 32 degrees on my car thermometer I was informed. Scorchiooooo…. The office was a whole other level of heat, I left after 3 hours. Retired to my garden to ponder life and read this, my most amazing book find EVER I think. ” The year of living Danishly” by Helen Russell… a girl at school loaned it to me, as I’d been telling her about reading about this Hygge phenomenon. I was actually laughing out loud whilst waiting at the gymnastics cafe for my son..It is superbly written. I have a girl crush on Helen already. Having relocated to The Netherlands after breaking up with my boyfriend many years ago, I can totally empathise with the weird world of the unknown country thing. If you like travel and the weird things that happen to people when they travel- which they always do, right? – then you’ll LOVE this book. I’m only a third of the way through at the moment, so watch this space…

In other shocking news, I cannot believe that some moron drove his car into a Mosque to kill Muslims in protest against the terrorist monkeys..I mean really? I thought that the show of unity from all religions in London after the awful Grenfell towers fire, was a real kick in the face to the terrorists and a big F*** You..and then this…what is happening to mankind? The kind seems to have gone from the Man….

So sad.


Namaste eveyrone, be kind. Always.

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