Counting down to the end of school term


So…chatting with my boss the other day at work. He’s an army brat – now a successful business man with his own company – in which I work as the office manager. I like it. He’s crude, nosy, extremely chatty,and I like him. Our new office is all clean and shiny so I said we have to keep it that way. The last place was like a dirty little student hovel and I refuse to be reduced to working in this environment again! So I brought in some rules..I also brought in a group budget for lunches. They all give me a fiver a week and I prepare healthfilled lunches. This week was giant couscous salad with green salad, cucumber salad, feta, olives…you name it, if it’s healthy it was on their plates and they LOVED it. Before, the boss would eat cereal at his desk for lunch. The other 2 would go off and buy a loaded pasty or some other horrific prepared food from the local shop. Now we sit together, we enjoy the food and everyone seems to be feeling better for it. I like it. It takes time for me to think what to feed them but it’s helping me get my creativity back. It was asleep for so long.  It fills me up with joy when I see them clear their plates, knowing they’ve had their five a day thanks to me. Humbled.

I’ve been reading ” Breathe” magazine today. It’s so relaxing, I fell asleep and almost missed my sons’ assembly! Horror of horrors! Read it, it’s amazing.

School reports came out yesterday and both were absolutely glowing. So proud of my little green men and their joy filled little lives.

I want to introduce a quote of the day to my blog, something to make you feel good about what you have. Todays’ is:

” The struggle ends when gratitude begins”


Namaste everyone