I think I wanna live in Yoga pants every damn day

So , week 2 of the school holidays and i’m chilling with my kids, little bit of working inbetween, bit of catching up with old friends…

My youngest son, Mike,8, came to my yoga class last week- first class ever for him. He was ace. I love that he loves Yoga already. He tried so many different sports and activities and they never stick with him, but this one, he could do Yoga AAALLL day long and be happy. I am sure he is an empath like me so I have to do this, give him the tools to deal with his emotions and be able to handle what life throws at him. His sense of peace when he’s not at school is amazing. His confidence just rebounds off him and I feel blessed that I’m doing a good job raising him and his brother and keeping our family happy and healthy.

My big thoughts this week have been about how to maintain my inner peace in a world that says if you’re not friends on facebook or liking all my instagrams you can’t possibly be a real friend. I wonder when this happened? When did the world decide that friendship meant letting people look into your life and watch it, from the comfort of their armchair, on their iphone?

After performing a massive cull of most of the women from school on my facebook account and stopping posting anything on facebook whatsoever, I feel liberated. Literally..liberated from the conditioning that I’m defined by what others can see of my life. My brothers wife was terrible for posting happy smoochy pictures of her and my brother..I knew all along their relationship was rocky and a week before she ditched him and his children and moved out, she’d posted another smoochy pic of her and him, declaring endless love… makes me cynical and wonder what really is going on in peoples’ lives and why they need to fake their existence. Why can’t they just be themselves and be happy with it or if they’re so unhappy, make positive changes to make it as close to their preferred way as possible?

Heavy thoughts this Wonderful Wednesday…enjoy reading.

Namaste everyone