The healing power of spirit

So…been feeling a bit weird recently. Blocked up. Looking at things differently.

Feeling more sociable but it feels forced somehow. So I googled ” spiritual healer” and a lady called Mary popped up so I went to see her

Her website said she was a hypnotherapy spiritual healer and she could do past life regressions and all that jazz so I thought I’d go along and see what was holding back my potential. Why am I so compelled to go the extra mile ALL THE TIME, running myself into the ground for other folk.

I was not expecting what I got.

If you have had a traumatic life for an extended period of time in your life, you should definitely do this. No mattter what faith you are, go with an open heart and an open mind and you will feel better. I promise.

Let me just be clear..I’ve had reiki and it did nothing for me – could have been a bad therapist, who knows. I’ve read tarot since I was 20, a long time. I use my dowsing crystal and most of all, I listen to my gut about things. I’m usually never wrong. But I let me logical thoughts take over. I keep reading that if you knew how powerful your thougths were, you’d watch what you think. I now believe it.

The session lasted for over an hour and I’ve never been so profoundly affected by spirit in my life. The painful emotions I’d been carrying around all my life from the various horrific events and traumatic experiences, all relating to my family, were finally released. I cannot express strongly enough what a relief it was to finally experience unconditional love. I’m not religious, but I do believe in something, a feeling, a oneness that we are all connected- for sure – but this event has changed my life. I will watch my thoughts, my actions, my words and my compassion level will rise unreservedly.

If you are struggling and carrying something, go see a spiritual healer. Get to the bottom of it and ditch the tin of biscuits, or the booze or the other addiction you may have.

Quote of the day is:

” If you’ve got nothing nice to say, stay quiet”