Dry January – almost there..or am I..

So, 29th January. 29 solid days booze free. Birthday on the 21st, I drove us to a restaurant where we dined with the in laws. Who drank. My husband included. After being asked by the MIL if I’d like a Prosecco for my birthday, I politely said ” No thanks, Dry January, I’m doing so well. I’ll have a lime and soda.” Usually this kind of response is not welcome and I’ve been further encouraged to ‘just have the one for my birthday’. This time..not so. I think it was the way I delivered the message. Quite calm, nicely worded. Emotionless. Just a fact really. I’m not drinking in January. End of.

It was so….empowering.

So now that I’ve realised I have an actual superpower which actually has loads of benefits…..

the main ones being:

Flatter than flat stomach (Holy Moly, I could be 25!)

Collapsing into bed at 11.30- EARLIEST and still struggling to get to sleep (this is a massive change for me. I was always too tired to stay up past 9.30, if I was lucky)

Bouncing out of bed in the morning and not rushing around wondering what I’ve forgotten

….well, I kinda like the new me

The main downside?

My skin. Talk about dermatological eruption of epic proportion..I think the amount I used to drink- about 20 units a week I think, average, must have just sat inside me for years. And now it’s pouring out of me. My whole face is like a giant ball of puss. It’s gross. I can see the mothers at school staring at me. And that’s with almost 2 feet of foundation on, trying to hide the puss fountain that is my face! My children are even slightly disturbed. My son cracked open his Aloe Vera plant and said I should try it, might help my skin!

So I did.I’ll let you know.

What else have I discovered about not drinking?

I’ve really started to notice how I’m feeling and how to fix it. So I know if I’m hungry or thirsty or tired, or just need a rest. It’s so weird. I had no idea that I had dulled my senses so spectacularly.

It’s almost the end of January but I have no desire to touch a drop of alcohol. My green tea stash arrives tomorrow so I’m going to keep drinking the green stuff and eating the olives and see how February pans out. Who knows, at age 43, I might have kicked the habit…finally.


Watch this space


Namaste people

Big Love





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